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OneCENT is a Mobile Fintech platform that allows community of entrepreneurs who believe in the future lifestyle of the cashless Eco system, which are in line with Govt’s vision of the digital economy. The community will promote the digital lifestyle among themselves and their contacts, including friends and businesses that they go and meet every day. In exchange, the community will reap the rewards in the form of cash rebates and share among their circle of friends and business owners.

OneCALL was created to Settle ALL your hassle. Subscribe with us to experience our widest coverage and attractive package plans, enjoy marvellous treats and perks by using our e-Wallet and remit money anytime anywhere.

OnePay – A Total Fintech Solution.

OnePay mobile app is a new experience for cashless society. It is convenient to use and secured every transaction.

Every member of the community, will be equipped with:
Digital Wallet

OneCENT digital wallet that allow members to make payment without cash, settled your monthly bill payments, top-up your Telco prepaid etc.

Fintech SIM

Mobile Fintech SIM Card that allow members to communicate each other and offer you the most competitive package plans.

Money Transfer

Send your money in a safe and quick mode of transfer to anyone and anywhere around the world.

Monitoring System

A system to monitor your earned rebates and extra income from you and your community purchases, bill settlements, Telco prepaid top-ups and etc.


A knowledge of how to promote cashless digital lifestyle to a new member.

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Our Energatic Angels Here

Dato’ Hussian @ Rizal Bin A. Rahman


Ahmad Shahrir Bin Mohd Salleh

Principal of Fintech Community

Lt (B) Malik Bin Mizam TLDM

Principal of Digital Entrepreneur

Ishak Bin Haji Saad

Fintech Master Trainer

Naim Bin Mohamat Kasim

System Administrator

Mohd Fairiz Bin Malik


Muhammad Zarif Shahir Bin Ahmad Shahrir


Muhammad Nur Syarifuddin Bin Roslan

Graphic Designer